Aug 15, 2014

Digging up old content

These photos of some of last year's games were stored on the camera for quite a while and I just found them recently. Since any other content is lacking, I'm going to post them.
Above, a 28mm SDS game featuring HäT and Alban 28mm figures.

Here, three Soviet IS-2 tanks hunt for a King Tiger.

After taking out two IS-2s, the third manages to knock out the German war beast.

Some asymmetrical warfare: in this mission, a German column must move through the table while a Sturmovik scours them. 

Just when the remaining few vehicles could reach their objective, the IL-2 struck and destroyed them all. If I remember correctly, the StuG III did manage to escape.

In the meantime, you can catch up on the TMP discussion regarding my previous post. Most commenters seem to agree with my statements on the new set.