Jul 20, 2014

Mid-summer project review

15mm WW2
Not much done lately, just a few games that are part of an Eastern Front mini-campaign. The Russians would need more anti-tank guns. I still have a bunch of unused PSC T-34 turrets that could be fitted to Zvezda hulls.
I would also like to start a second Allied faction, either Brits or Americans. This would be done only in autumn.
Weapon ranges should be modified for the rules as I find most of them too short.

Pike and shot
Two unpainted boxes, one to be converted to pancerni cossacks and the TYW/ECW command set.

Fleet Grey - Fleet Green
The Green infantry box and the cards for TtM&B are to be finished.
The second part of the naval campaign will be fought at the end of July.

6mm Schultze-Böhnstadt
Still three packs (Flossian dragoons, SB cuirassiers, Flossian infantry) remaining plus command.

Napoleonic South American
Started painting a Tropezonian contingent but didn't get very far with them, thinking about switching to something else.