Jun 4, 2014

Fleet Grey Marines Company I.

Finished basing these marines made of the Zvezda WW1 German box. Very nice, if a bit too tall figures. 

Stormtrooper ("trench cleaner") section. Because they are supposed to be a small company, I call these units squads and each squad is led by a Midshipman.

Heavy machine gun, clumsy but deadly.

The venerable Lt. Commander Jazak Helgrub, leader of the company, with the reserve squad.

Rifle Squad 2. with sniper detachment. The tank you have seen before, but it is part of the unit.

I could have done more details on the painting. Drybrushed only the grey uniform parts and faces. I don't plan to do more detail on the Greens either; simple figures for simple games. Although my painting skills ache for a little challenge. Luckily there still are a lot of figures to finish, and a ton of 6mm SYW figures are on their way too...

Gaming news: I have played three games recently, the AARs will be distributed throughout the coming days. These were two playtests, one for the 6mm modern rules I devised and one for Through the Mud and the Blood, featuring the figures above. The third game was a battle that happened between Fleet Grey and Green forces and marked the beginning of the conflict these marine fellows would be partaking in.