May 14, 2014

The Arms Race Begins

Fleet Grey's magazine, Big Grey Walrus reports about a giant carrier being made for Fleet Green.

The picture that was accompanying the article.

These are the 'In the Navy' project capital ships, all 1/1200 scale, made by Revell. They will stand out from the smaller ships but that was the goal. L to R: USS Enterprise, the Bismarck and IJN Yamato.

Of the Yamato there was a post when I bought and painted it, now she(?) has got a plasticard base. Christened FGN Arkbalatus, this is the flagship of the Grey navy.

While the Bismarck with an interesting gunship grey/olive green camo became FS Aleksandr, flagship of the Um-Nuki navy.

And the secret weapon of war the Greens were building is FS Corpusgrad, able to carry ten planes. The two pictured came with the Bismarck kit and will be used as fleet recon aviators.

This is how the Fleet Grey marine company (Zvezda 1/72 WW1 Germans) looks now (please ignore the TYW figures, they're just looking for a job). I have ordered the Russians (Greens) the previous week too. I'm going to need some cards for Through the Mud and the Blood also. The thing pictured here is the 'lazy with the bases' syndrome btw.

In the meantime, I have called Model Hobbies, and a lot of 'I can't hear you sir' later (thanks to a storm above my head and my crappy phone) I managed to finally cancel my order. Of course if the status does not change or I don't receive my money by the end of the week I will call them again.