May 20, 2014

More impulse buy

I have ordered a bunch of 1/4800 sailing ships from Tumbling Dice recently. A fine distraction from... whatever I'm doing. These seem optional as they are easy to store, easy to paint (hopefully!) and easy to game with. Looks like small scale is the way to go for me now.

One Page Fleets Seafarers is already in use for the Caribbean RPG campaign when it comes to ship vs. ship combat. The campaign is actually late 17th century, but the 19th century ships being small enough, they could be used for that too. I might change the measurement to metric (one inch to one centimeter).

A second call to Model Hobbies confirmed that my order that they'd been sitting on since October is being canceled, hopefully I'm going to see my thirty quid by the end of the month. 

The exams are actually starting so besides a little painting time tucked in between studying sessions and maybe gaming the escalation of the fleet grey/green conflict I won't be doing much.