May 3, 2014

May Wishlist

This month the focus will be on the naval project and its various appendices. 
I'm going to buy a box of Zvezda WW1 Russian infantry and probably a Revell WW2 artillery box. The two small land armies will be thus finished.
I have to load up my static grass container and matte varnish lids as well.
For the Fleet Green capital ship (Fleet Grey's is the Yamato) I'm going to use the Revell Gneisenau. I may change from the Yamato to the King George V and switch the two flagships.
I will also be trying to finish the ACtA ECW command set, manning my two regiments of foot to their total, with officers and banners.
There are the Revell TYW riders and a set of Zvezda Russian cavalry to be painted too but not sure with the exams starting how much will I be able to do.