May 26, 2014

Did somebody say 'small scale'?

The 1/4800 scale Tumbling Dice loot had arrived and had been duly completed.
I have ordered 6x two-decker men'o'war, 6x 32-gun frigates and 12x unrated small ships (sloops, brigs and cutters, 4 of each), and paid less than 30£ for the lot, shipping included. Here they are in a magnificent disarray.

Highlighting had been done only on the sails as the rest is so small. Used a Vallejo Sepia wash for shading.

The different ships have different bases, all are 1,5mm plasticard that has space for a token or marker (a colored marker for example to signal nationality). Ships of the line here.

Frigates, there is some variety between the vessels in each pack as well.

And here's the rest.

When I finished the 6mm tanks I included a picture of one in my palm so here's one like that of a cutter.


  1. Mt tumbling Dice ships are twice that size and they are SMALL enough. The joy is that Tumbling dice stuff is easy to store and transport. Painting is not too hard either.

    1. That's true, I was done with them in a day.

  2. Wow they are tiny but they look great though!

  3. it's incredibile you managed to do such a good job on such a tiny piece!
    well done.

  4. Oh wow! They really are small, but perfectly formed.