Apr 29, 2014

In the Navy Ground Project Vehicles


The 1/72 vehicle loot is completed, along with the HMG from the German infantry box, that is not shown here.

Revell Fokker DVII, or Fleet Grey's Land Pattern Ma-263XM 'Balat' with grey/earth minimal camo.

On most places it was a basecoat - black wash - drybrush combo; the pilot had a Sepia wash and the propeller some blendin'.

A Revell RAF S.E.5 posing as Fleet Green's 'Warbringer' Mocus Locus biplane.

I fixed them on plasticard bases similarly as I did with the Jazygian choppers, bending a steel wire to shape and supergluing it to both ends.

Italeri M13/40s as Fleet Grey Axvaci-4 and Fleet Green Tankv-9. The plans were bought from the same manufacturer apparently.

I like drybrushing grey because it's easy to work with, however I wanted a little extra on it so added some flat earth stripes just like on the biplane. I'm not sure if it was the undercoat's problem or the plastic's but the paint was peeling off on the outer places like the edges of the hull and the studs on the tracks. Hopefully the finish will hold everything in place. Note, this is the first time encountering such a thing, the Zvezda/PSC plastics hold onto the paint well.