Apr 1, 2014

April Purchases

I realized just how close I am to complete my WW2 armies, so I'd like to buy AT guns for both factions.
I'd also like to buy a Grille SPG because it's the best. Sadly only Battlefront carries it = pricey as hell.

My love for the pike&shot era satiated by the infamous ModelHobbies incident (still not solved and I may need help from someone in the UK to give them a call) now seems to be returning so a) I'll be repainting the Revell TYW cavalry and b) I'll buy more, I think A Call to Arms ECW sets. There's the Mars rip-off of the Revell cavalry box too so I'll be looking out for that one too.
Also planning to acquire a box of Zvezda Numidians and sculpt reiters on the horses. They don't have any saddlery.

As promised, I'm going to start my 6mm Poltava project with buying the Swedish army first.