Mar 25, 2014

6mm buildings for 'Jazygia 1996'

Some fresh buildings off the treadmill, made for 6mm gaming. They are based on match boxes. The boxes are surrounded by thick paper and a cardboard roof.

The houses were primed with VGC White Primer, a base coat of VMC Buff added, then the casements for the windows and doors were painted with VMC Burnt Umber. The roofs are a mix of Burnt Umber and red. The windows are VMC Flat Blue and VGC Electric Blue, the final coat on the walls has had the last drops of my VGC Bonewhite bottle.
One house had its windows and door cut out from the paper, but this was time-consuming and not as effective as I expected, so I dropped it and just splashed some paint on the bare walls.

Here are some extra buildings I have made earlier for 'A Risk to Take' and which will quite possibly be a good addition to any built environment in the Roxolanian Basin.

I've received an e-mail last Thursday from Heroics and Ros, confirming that my order is shipped, so hopefully I'll have them by the end of this week. They form a major part of the Jazygian armed forces as you will be able to see in a near future post.

For a first time in a while, I've also contemplated having a wargaming mat, but looking around the options are usually felt mats that are 1m wide and I would need at least 1.20m.


  1. simple and effective!
    good job.

  2. Great additions, well done that man.

  3. Fantastic work! Would never suspect they're only 6mm. Best, Dean

  4. You are a modeler that "gets it done." Good work. If you work I/2 as hard as an attorney, as you do scratchbuilding, you should end up quite prosperous.