Jan 15, 2014

In the Navy: additions

I'm past two exams this week and the third is tomorrow. The previous one was today. But no complaints, I'm handling this quite well so far. Had I not spent so much time painting during the Christmas holiday the one tomorrow would be the last, but I had painted a lot and so the last - as the things are now - is on the 23rd this month.

Anyway, here are the additions to the two fleets in my naval game. At least those which could fit in my DIY studio:

I have finished 7-7 light units, 2-2 light cruisers, a medium and a heavy carrier for both fleets and two submarines for Fleet Green.

The materials are similar to those shown earlier, little pine logs bought from the RC plane/model shop here in Budapest. These are quite excellent for terrain building too.

Fleet Grey here. I have upgraded the bases, painting the edges in fleet colour for easier distinction.

A die can be placed on the carriers' decks, indicating the number of plains they have launched.

The two subs and the hulls of the light cruisers are made of paper.

And these are four civilian ships, in comparison with a Green light cruiser. I have found some old wood lying around the yard and used an old brush for smokestacks.


  1. very good job!
    good luck with your exams!

  2. Great looking fleets, Andras, and the addition of the Merchant Marine just rounds it off nicely. Merchant (civilian) ships are useful not only for commerce (and commerce raiding and convoy scenarios) but also for large scale trans-oceanic troop transport. As an added refinement, a merchant vessel can for certain scenarios to be classed as an 'armed merchantman' for escort (like the 'Jarvis Bay' or 'Rawalpindi') or a commerce raider. As such, they might be armed with a couple of light guns...

  3. Don't know much about these things but this is a great looking fleet Andras!