Dec 24, 2013

Zvezda Medieval Peasant Army

First of all wishing a merry Christmas to all my readers. I have already assembled and started undercoating my gift, a lot of PSC tanks.
As you may or may not know, I have been looking for this set for a long while, now that some affairs set me back on painting TYW, I have decided to order it anyway as it was clearly not sold within the country's borders. The Drum & Flag ebay shop is quite optimal for this.

Command in the centre.

These turned out a bit duller than I wanted but it fits the medieval setting better. I guess.

Standard painting procedure with Vallejo Umber wash for shading.

Archers and slingers.

And my Gripping Beast Vikings have arrived as well this Monday, I've undercoated the first three and will do a test painting before I continue with the rest.

Bought on an auction, some figures are assembled and put on bases. I have built the warlord and the guy with the horn.