Dec 18, 2013

In the Navy WIP + Purchase History

I have spent the weekend in the dorm, preparing for the first exam of the year. I have finished with the best grade. My next exam is on Saturday, after that I'll be going home for Christmas.
I have started assembling the second portion of Fleet Grey and Fleet Green: two carriers, two light cruisers and eight light ships for each fleet, plus two submarines for Fleet Green.

The photo is sort of crappy because it's made with my phone camera.

My plans for the month have actually gone mostly fulfilled:
For 15mm WW2, I am going to be given a box of PSC Panthers and T-34s.
The naval project needs some painting and the fleets are finished.
For the medieval times, I have ordered the Zvezda HYW English infantry, and two boxes of Italeri Late Roman infantry. This latter fits in the 'World in Chaos' lore as the Iron Legion of Kronzreg.
I have accidentally won an auction on ebay which sold 30+ Gripping Beast 28mm plastic figures.
Also built a Focke-Wulf Ta152 made by Revell.


  1. good job, and much more to come!

  2. The home made navy gig seems to be taking off! Your fleets are becoming quite substantial. I'm looking forward to seeing them in action. Whence comes to that, I'd like to see my own fleets in action!

    1. Thank you. There will be plenty of action when I will have the whole thing finished.

  3. great naval force right there! these ships look really good each type is not only identifiable but also quite realistic even if rather simplified.... in short you have found the right balance of detail and simplicity with these vessels.

  4. Best of luck with the last examination and have a great Christmas.