Dec 13, 2013

In the Navy AAR: Convoy Raid

A Green convoy sails the high seas, protected by two destroyers.

Submerged Grey units approach.

The first torpedo is a long shot and misses, the destroyers are now aware of the enemy's presence.

With a daring maneuver, the subs cross the destroyers' line. One is spotted, but the underwater mines miss it.

A critical hit is scored on a Green freighter.

A second mine hits but causes no damage. The skipper resists the urge to turn around and run.

 The destroyers have lost sight of the enemy subs, things are looking bad.

A second freighter is hit.

Then a third from close range.

The Grey sub risks a long shot and misses again.

A green freighter is already sailing to safety and the race begins for the remaining few. The subs surface for a quicker movement and suffer a handful of hits, the destroyers' light guns causing little damage. Another underwater charge misses.

The last turn, the three remaining Green ships escape the hunt.

Nine torpedoes shot, three freighters destroyed, two escaped.