Oct 20, 2013

Zvezda Soviet Heavy Tank Company (KV-1&2)

I bought a bunch of Zvezda Art of Tactic vehicles on Friday and painted them on the weekend. I have bought the KV-2s earlier but figured I had not posted them yet. 
All three have winter camo in different states of deterioration, the KV-2s are obviously more weathered.

The KV-2s have a plain white layer painted on while the KV-1 has three, a bonewhite-wash-bonewhite-white combo plus the green parts added with a sponge.

I will refine some details about my WW2 rules (different gun characteristics for the Germans and the Russians and more detailed air combat) and this week or early November I'll get the PSC infantry boxes.

Freehand hammer and sickle on the company commander's KV-1.


  1. Love the detailing on these, really lovely.

  2. I've long had a soft spot for the KV-series, having a composite company/battalion of my own (3xKV1, 2xKV2). The KV2 is a special favorite, like one of those lolloping large dogs - huge feet, always in the way, but hard to dislike. With resin conversion kits, they can all be transformed into KV-85s...

    You have a fine little heavy company there!

    1. Thank you. My little brother loves them too and I guess he'll be commanding them when we game.
      For this scale, I could use the PSC 15mm T-34 turrets as they come with multiple options and build KV-85s.

  3. I like the use of the Zvedza flag to denote the commander! Great work!

  4. Excellent work here, Andras! I do love these monsters.

  5. Those are excellent, top notch work.