Oct 13, 2013


Spent a ton of money on different subjects, as had been proposed in the last Wishlist post. First the two boxes of Orion Cossack cavalry, already undercoated. I'll get the greenstuff from the PO next week.
I usually paint the figures and horses separately but in this case the riders are a very tight fit and putting them on the horses would eventually scratch the paint.

Then here's this resin windmill picked up at the flea market which suits 1/72 figures quite well. It is some sort of home/garden decor and has a small lamp inside which of course doesn't work. I tried some black wash on it but I'll stick to the black undercoat+drybrush method instead.

A ton of Vallejo paints. I'll still have to buy some Revell ones, and with that reorganize my workbench.

Not pictured because only ordered recently, three boxes of TYW goodness from Model Hobbies:
-Mars Scots Mercenaries
-Mars Swedish Cavalry (no, it is NOT the re-issue of the Revell TYW box, don't even google it, I WANT THEM ALL)*
-A Call to Arms ECW Royalist Infantry

Somehow things got tangled up and the draft from my previous order (the two boxes of Cossacks) got involved in that list, so I overpaid by 9 pounds plus the extra postage. Conclusion: never order things on the internet after 11pm- I did not add the Cossacks to my order so the site somehow messed it up, but I could have avoided paying for it had I taken notice at the checkout, either of the too long items list or the too big price. I have sent an email to Model Hobbies telling about the trouble and hope they're gonna fix it (because I could find other places for that cash, honestly).

*The Revell TYW cavalry is a superb set but it is out of production and its price on ebay is horrendous.


  1. Very nice, the windmill is a wonderful find.

    1. Thank you, I think I'll use it in the very next battle.

  2. That windmill's a lucky find. You could do a lot with that in a short time and little effort.

    Late night ordering is a curse. That's how I ended up with 60 15/18mm Cossacks . . . . :O/

    1. Thanks, well these are only 24 Cossacks but I still did not want them!

  3. Awesome, The windmill was a great find,