Sep 25, 2013

Anne's Double Triple Secret Giveaway + Inter Arma Playtest

1. Anne's Giveaway
Behold, by the powers of the Internet, here is shared the news of Anne's blog having a magnificent giveaway. Find it with the rules here. Mandatory info: This give away is being sponsored in part by author Patrick Hatt. You can find Mr. Hatt's Amazon Writers Page at

2. Inter Arma 2x Level 2 Commanders Playtest. 
I've set up five different skirmish lists for playing Inter Arma and was trying to see the outcomes of putting up those against each other. The parties would have two level 2 commanders (35 points on an Infantry and 58 on a Cavalry commander). The starting lot was the Swedish cavalry patrol with commanded musketeers:

Cavalry Commander, 58pts.
5x Elite Cavalryman 40
3x (Regular) European style Light Cavalryman 18

Foot Commander, 35pts.
Foot Musician 2
11x Veteran Infantry (Musketeers) 33

In the first battle, they fought against the Polish cavalry patrol.

Polish Cavalry Patrol OOB

Cavalry Commander, 58pts
5x Polish Husaria, 50
Mtd. Musician, 6

Cavalry Commander, 58pts
6x Elite Cavalryman 48
1x Polish Husaria 10

The Polish hussars are the 2nd most expensive feature an army is able to have, costing 10 points each (the most expensive is the cannon). They can charge to a longer distance than regular heavy cavalry and in a melee they have a huge advantage with their lances. Most of them having carbines or pistols, they can match up against the European cavalry tactic of caracole.

The luck factor is very high in this game and so are the casualties. The Swedish cavalry squadron charges forward and is received by a Polish counter-charge. The Poles cannot take advantage as they lose initiative and some unlucky rolls later they are decimated.

One unlucky dice roll and a brutal salvo later the Husaria is beaten! 12-8 (1-0) to the Swedes in the first encounter.

The next enemy is Polish again, Haiduk infantry with Conscript foot Cossacks. These can be dangerous if they win initiative, which *hint* they did not. The Cossack infantry is, however, the cheapest according to the roster as a fig qualified as Regular costs 1 point while other nations' Regulars cost 2.

Infantry Commander, 35pts.
Medium gun 20
4x Regular Cossack crew for medium gun 4
11x Regular Cossack Infantry 11

Infantry Commander, 35pts.
10x Veteran Haidu infantryman 30
5x Regular Cossack Infantryman 5

The medium gun is quickly taken by the Swedes. The cavalry does not hesitate long to take advantage of the open Polish flank.

The Veteran Haiduks turn around but they are too late and the gun crew is slaughtered.

During the following onslaught, casualties mount and finally to a casualties list of 11-20 the Swedes manage to finish the fight. 2 wins so far, next up they are against the Muscovite combined foot, cavalry and artillery.


  1. Thank you for the promo!

    This is a brutal game if the dice gods don't favour you. Big Lee better stay away from this one!

    1. Ugh, yes. The game is very unforgiving, but fun for the players. Can't tell of the miniatures themselves.

  2. Jo napot kivanok. Nice BR Andrzej!