Jul 19, 2013

Inter Arma point system test game - Poles vs. Swedes

Initial setup: Swedes are defending earthworks around a lake. The terrain is quite rough with a lot of hills and wooded areas.

Commanders are level 3.

Polish OOB

b) Cavalry Commander 66pt
3x Regular Infantry +6
Cannon with crew +20
2x Polish Husaria 20

Cavalry Commander 66pt
Musician +6
6x Polish Husaria +60

Infantry Commander 40pt
Foot Musician +2
19x Regular infantry +38

Swedish OOB

Cavalry Commander 66pt
2x Elite Cavalryman +16
5x European Light Cavalryman +30
4x Regular Cavalryman +20

Infantry Commander 40pt
Gun with crew +20
10x Regular infantry

Infantry Commander 40pt
Foot Musician +2
5x Armored Veteran Infantryman 20
6x Veteran Infantryman 18

 Deadly winged hussars.

 Swedish defenses.

 The initial assault on the first line of earthworks.

 Husaria on the open field.

 Husaria in the woods.

Both sides prepare for the charge. 

 A group of Polish infantry climbs the hill to be met with Swedish elite cavalry while the onslaught on the earthworks intensifies.

 And such a bloody work it is.

The Polish and Swedish foot commanders duel each other. 

The winged hussars charge into the Swedes. 

 On the other flank, another cavalry charge through the stone wall.

 The Swedish light cavalry is routed.

 The regular cavalry retreats. A lucky pikeman knocks out the hussar commander but is slain afterwards.

 The Swedish foot officer falls down while the Swedish gun takes a hit from the Polish one.

With a lucky salvo, the remaining Polish infantry takes out the Swedish musketeers. Their cannon destroyed, their cavalry routed, the rest yields.

What I learnt is the game flows well. Movement and combat phases divided, it has a more constant flow than alternate movement or activation games. The point roster is simple enough to make it work - a decent size of force and with great variety can be set up. With 50% chance for an unarmored soldier to take a wound (3 or less on 1d6) the casualties in a pitched battle like the one the Polish infantry fought can be brutally high.


  1. Damn good batrep Andras, damn good read!

  2. Looks pretty good to me, those Polish Lancers looks superb on the table.

  3. The Polish Hussars are the epitome, as I've no doubt commented before, of martial cool. And your fellows live up to the standard. Considering this was by no means a large battle, there seems to have been quite a blood letting before the Poles overran the Swedish camp. That's what a war game should be like!

    1. Thank you - a bit late, the notice of your comment got lost on the currents of the interwebs.