Jul 26, 2013

Greenstuff Adventures 6. - 15mm Germans

These are six 15mm German infantry figures made by me. They all have different sorts of weapons: the officer has a pistol, there are two SMGs (one Russian PPSh), two rifles and a Panzerfaust.

They are not very detailed but will do the job - I'm still working on the Russian platoon. Once I acquired a Forged in Battle or PSC box of figs these will be given away.

Size comparison with a Zvezda Panzer IV.

In other news, the blog has just reached 25000 hits and 80 followers. Thank y'all for that.


  1. These came out pretty good. I'd say keep practicing. You are one your way toward becoming a good sculptor.

  2. Great job. These soldat are "your" troops!

  3. That some impressive 'putty pushing' and huge congratulations on the milestones - well done that man.

  4. You have great skills! I could never do this! And congrats on the 25K and the followers!