Jun 18, 2013

Some terrain pieces and other things

First, the whatever-these-are called things you put before your guns - we call them 'baskets' which is quite close to what they are. Made of greenstuff, plasticine, sand and 9mm pistol cartridge shells.

Here you can inspect the bottom of one.

Cossack gun with baskets.

Comparison to a fig.

For 1/72 figures the Italeri Battlefield Accessory / French artillery / ACW Union artillery sets all have plastic versions of these.

In this box came one of the things I ordered from Model-Hobbies (on ebay) - now it's a ruined single-story building for WW2. It roughly matches 15mm size - for a large building. I see no trouble using it with 1/72s but I don't have anything more modern than WW1 painted in 1/72 besides a few tanks.

Scale comparison with a Zvezda StuG III.

The inside of the building was 'decorated' with cardboard slices and sugar to represent garbage.

The StuG can hide inside pretty well too.

This is a little stone well for 1/72 size battles. Either a simple prop or some sort of objective. I used the last bits of the static grass I had at home and left the next lot in the dorm - I will add some grass to the base later.

To scale with another Cossack.

In the meantime, I stripped the ACtA ECW gunners because the Revell 'matte varnish' (avoid at all costs) messed them up big. They'll be painted along with the other boxes on their way.

And a nice find, while we took the dog for a walk found this thrown into a ditch with my dad. A wooden chess table. Cleaned it up - the finish is scratched at some places but otherwise it's very nice. The letters were hand-carved and were very ugly at that, so I fixed them up and whitewashed them.


  1. "Gabions" is the term you are looking for for the baskets.

    Nice work on all of these terrain bits :)

    1. I stand corrected; thank you.
      (Too lazy to fix the post)

  2. Some wonderful terrain bits there, love the burnt out house!

  3. Hola
    Muy buen trabajo,los cestos y la ruina de la casa
    un saludo

  4. Really nice work with the terrain bits!

  5. Hi, Andrew. Nice modeling, Sir. The "box" house is beautiful. This modeling style seems to me to be somewhat similar to the Captain's style of scenery building. Both of you fellas do excellent work.

    1. Thank you; I would dare say not I'm on par with the good Captain Richard, but the best I can do is trying. This sort of scratch-building folly is still very utilitarian and leaves a lot to be desired aesthetics-wise.

  6. The chessboard was a good find. I like your ruined farm building as well. You can tell what it was made from, yet it still looks very much the part. Given its large 'footprint', though, you might find it best represents are larger built up complex, such as a factory or large storage facility.

    For my 'Jono's World' games I plan upon producing something similar...

    1. Thank you - the building is quite large indeed. I have an article somewhere which shows how to finish the cardboard's edges so it looks more realistic, may dig that up if and when I want to make more.

  7. Full of ideas here !!
    Stunning building from the box !

    All the other stuff is very nice !

    I like !

  8. I like your blog, too! Well done keep going! We need more Hungarian wargamer. :)