Jun 8, 2013

Dead mouse

No, not this one. 
My laptop's USB mouse had died last night, leaving me no choice but to buy another. This is a crappy cut to my finances (I also had to strip the ECW gunners because the Revell varnish f***ed them up more, no good news painting-wise either) so I figured by chance I'll get rid of my 15mm Essex figs as the collection is not growing and seeing my expenses it never even will.

They are 8x armored pikemen, 8x musketeers and 3x mounted command figs in buff coats, including a flag bearer and a trumpeter. All are based on coins, painted with acrylics & finished with enamel varnish.

I'd like 12£ for the whole batch or its equivalent in whatever currency plus postage. You can buy them separately for 4£ each pack and then I believe I can send them in bubble wrap envelopes which presumbaly cuts the postage cost but I'll work that out the chance given. Comment below if you're interested - if there isn't anyone I'll just put them up on ebay or post them on some local forums.


  1. Hola
    Pues es una pena que los vendas
    Están muy chulos
    Que tengas suertes y los vendas pronto
    un saludo

    1. I didn't really have much use of them. Thank you.

  2. I hate to work on a laptop without a mouse. So I understand why you want to buy a new one!

    Nice painted minis! I hope you find a nice home for them very soon!


  3. Snick nabbit mouse! Hope you get a quick fair sale, Andrew.