Apr 3, 2013

Naval campaign - Episode 3.

Episode 2 can be found here.

Turn 11-4

The Rebels now wished to extend their territory by either convincing or forcing the coastal cities to aid their cause. The main fleet returned to Western End, then the admirals divided the fleet to smaller squadrons.
Each squadron consisted of a flagship (a cruiser or heavier unit) and four smaller escort ships. Their carrier, engineering ship and minesweeper boat remained at the Western End.

One squadron ran into the minefield near the town they aimed for and had to clear it. The other two arrived to their destinations safely.

Rolled 1d10 to se affilation, 5+ they aid the Rebels
Town 1: 2 - remains loyal Imperialist. The squadron bombarded the town and captured fuel enough for the next turn.
Town 2: 8 - joins the Rebels. Re-building of the lost ships started immediately. Each second turn a smaller, third turn a bigger ship will be joining the Rebels for 10 turns, when their supplies run out.
The Rebels commissioned three smaller and a heavy ship.

The third town rolled 7 and decided to join them one turn later.

With the capture of the Oriental Hope rig, all communication was cut off with the main base. It takes five turns before the main Imperial Fleet Grey will set course to find out what happened with Fleet Yellow.

There were still a few towns left. One squadron encountered a coastal battery but all ships survived. The city they aimed for was first hesitant, but then, seeing the squadron's firepower, gave up.
A Medium Cruiser was made at Port Novis, where the Rebels commissioned the shipyards for reinforcements.

Turn 15-7

Another town fell for the Rebels without much resistance. They were free of Imperial taxes now at least. The Rebel high command reinstated some lighter taxations to be able to fund their fleet.
The squadron operating on the easternmost seas captured another rig but two of their ships had been damaged when encountering coastal guns.
The southern squadron had to mount an attack on Imperial coastal guns to take their fuel supply. Luckily all their ships survived without damage.

Turn 18-20

The Imperial Fleet Grey set course to one of the Rebel rigs and recaptured it. The Rebel fleet joined together. Radio contact was made with Fleet Yellow and the Imperial High Admiral gave orders for the remaining 4 ships to join his fleet.
When Fleet Yellow left harbor, the Rebels immediately attacked the town, re-laid mine fields and captured the nearest oil rig.

By capturing the rebel crew of the previous rig, the Imperial fleet got intel on the place of the rebel base and started steaming towards it. The Rebels had to stop them at once.
On their way, the Imperials captured another rig and refueled.

Turn 21-3

The defenders of the Rebel base were contacted by the fleet and closed the city harbor with mine fields completely. The Imperials captured the closest oil rig and started to remove the mines. The Rebel fleet circled the cape dividing the sea and the two fleets, reloaded their fuel at the nearest oil rig.

Turn 24-6

The Imperials saw the Rebel fleet coming and set course towards them. The final battle was coming.

Full-force Rebel fleet.


Imperial divers with a cruiser-class heavy diver as the squadron leader.

The Imperials launch a head-on attack but the Rebels avoid and with a witty maneuver they concentrate their firepower on the Imperial left flank...

An enemy cruiser is sunk while the Rebel divers send some torpedoes towards the Imperial flagship.

Confusion ensues, two Rebel cruisers attack the Imperial battleship and destroyers enter the fray...

Both sides send their flyers and there is more boom.

The Imperial flyers are wiped off the sky. The battleship is badly damaged and Fleet Grey's divers cannot catch up with the Rebel left flank, where the gunboats charge the enemy who has twice as many ships as them.

Rebel divers get a clear shot of the Imperial carrier and sink it. Time for a morale test.

The Imperial fleet fails the test as one and routs.

Summary: Battle of Cape Vorgel

I: 2 Light Cruisers; 1 Battlecruiser; 1 Carrier (Fleet retreated)
R: None

A flawless victory for the rebels. Their fleet out-maneuvered the Imperial divers and outflanked the enemy fleet. Licking their wounds, the Imperials return to their nearest base. They will need reinforcements in the next turn.


  1. that game seemed a little to perfect perhaps. with those large guns on the imperial battleship I was sure that it would have been able to bombard the rebel fleet.
    ah well. the imperial navy must regroup and plan for a new strategy if they are to prevent being destroyed.

    1. It's been up to luck. The Rebels could not sink the big guy after multiple attempts.

  2. This was a lively game with lots of gunfire. I like that. The Rebels took the day, but alas they took no pleasure in it. Maybe morale was down to bad food. Execute the chef!!

    1. Thank you. Food, weather, bad shows on TV, morale can sink like one of those Imperial destroyers.

  3. Another exciting battle fought on the Space Sea of Flore! Nice.