Apr 19, 2013

More HäT Chasseurs and a bear

What, you say, actually something painted up? Worry not, there will be more. Finished 8 more HäT French Chasseurs and this hairy fella who speaks a very distorted accent of the mighty Russian language.

I'm not entirely content with the chasseurs, probably it's the figures' fault. Easier to say this then blame myself.

I suppose with this post the hit counter will pass 20,000 so cheers to that too.

The backpacks are lovely though. One figure had a white armband made of greenstuff to indicate an NCO (necessity for SDS).

Sharpe and friends start to worry about the increasing number of French troops.

This three had not been based, I intendi to sell them or give them away. I don't need 31.

Close-up of the bear. There are many famous bears in history including Wojtek the artillery bear.

Some nasty mold lines but it did worth about half a dollar. Flea market stuff.

Fighting a knight here with the painted cup on which a knight fights a bear. On the knight's shield there is another knight fighting a bear and so on.


  1. Nice work! The troops are very well painted. The bear, well he is...superb. Especially when he swats the ax out of the challengers grasp, and bites his head off (I saw the movie).

  2. That big horse in the background is killer. These turned out really well and I can't see why you're not satisfied with them. The bear is really special.

    Congrats on the hits, you're at 20,016 right now!

    1. Thank you; it's an 1/32 metal horse and it's for decorative purposes only. The hits are growing steadily.

  3. Great looking Chasseurs, and very nice bear too!

  4. And again a real good work! I like the beer ähhh Imena the bear ;-)