Apr 14, 2013

Baby's first Heavy Tank

After many months of playing the World of Tanks MMO I've finally laid my hands on the Soviet Tier 10 9 8 7 IS heavy tank. Being a weekend warrior it took a while but here it is in glorious green camo. She's named Svetlana.

The vehicle inherited its crew from the previous AFV, the KV-13, its 10cm main gun from the T34/85 (making it an IS-1 in effect, models 1 and 2 differed only in the main weapon). The 34/85 has been nerfed since and cannot be equipped with the 10cm gun.

I have managed to squeeze 6 posts' worth into a single weekend (besides shooting stuff with my airsoft gun). These will be distributed, 3 or 4 will be posted during the following week and the other half, hopefully with the new acquisitions, after Sunday. My weekdays will be busy as I need to finish a study about medieval executioners (perks of being a law student I guess?) so the posts are already prepared.


  1. cool the JS-1 or IS-1, heavy tanks are so cool, tell us when you get the T-10 the last of the Soviet Heavy tanks, they might have it. best of luck with the game.

    1. Thanks, I'm not sure now which is the top of the Russian tech tree in the game but it's some late/cold war IS version.