Mar 5, 2013

Inter Arma campaign session 2. - Good guys and bad guys, and more bad guys

After reviewing their decision to join the three Purple Archers, the six adventurers parted with them. The archers got past the bridge on the river flowing near, then no news were heard of them.

The party went to the only town in the village, where the Lord asked them to investigate and ancient relic westwards in the moorland. They went on, but the locals warned them not to visit the landmark. Of course they did, encountering a Level 4 boss of sorts, with 7 of his minions. The latter being slain in no time, the bad guy couldn't last much longer despite his ability to avoid low saving rolls. Taking his remains back to the lord rewarded the party with a nifty 5 XP. Then they have repaired their stuff at the blacksmith and went northwards.

Pictures are illustrations. 

'Black evil stones, blood channels on the ground, best place to settle for a picnic.'
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At the bridge, they were, of course, attacked by trolls. The smaller troll shooed the packhorse away and it took the warhammer guy two turns to reach after it. Then they made a short end of them, the bigger troll only lasted three clashes before it collapsed.

It's the trolls who've been trolled this time. 

Passing the bridge, they were warned by locals again not to go further, but they moved on to a ruin, just to be faced by more than a dozen Level 2 cultists and a Fire Magic user leader. With lucky tactics and unlucky saving rolls, they killed most of them, only one melee fighter of the party became wounded. The mage reached level 3.

Fighting the bad guys.

The ruins are one of my earliest creations. It's a shoe box, yes.

The only question is, where to go from here? The BBEG's nest is near but I've got plans with the local Lord (he wants his lands purged from bandits and will raise a small army).

Developments: the pocket healer and the Paladin are in balance now, the last fight with the cultists wielding 4 kills to the latter. 

Paladin - L2 - 64 XP
Healer - L2 - 64 XP
Archer - L2 - 75 XP (more effective than you'd think)
Melee guy #1 (with the bronze plate armor) - L2 - 57 XP (taking that wound didn't come handy at all)
Melee guy #2 (with warhammer) - L2 - 56 XP (didn't do well either)
Mage - L3 - 80 XP (may nerf the AoE spell as she killed 4 guys in a single turn this time... again)

When they reached the town, I could use the roll to decide how improved the place is. Meeting the smith didn't have much use but perhaps later?
Also, now that one player left, there are 3, essentially NPC figs in the group, so on decisions, I usually rolled a dice (that's how they got into the fight with the cultists in the end, luckily nothing tragic happened).


  1. Nice going, Andrew. From the onset, when meeting you in model-gaming-blog-land, I've seen that you are a man who games with what he has; and doesn't wait 'till he gets just what he needs. Fine stuff! Your perseverance is inspirational for me. Thanks.

    1. Thank you. First of all, these items showcased here are sturdy and practical. I can drop them, tread on them (not very likely to happen), they suffer and hold. For this sort of pulp-like setting, I scraped together what I had; as the collection grows, I will have the more specific figs and use them accordingly to their role.

  2. Totally agree with Jay and I'm one of the TYW voters!

  3. Like the way you wrote up this batrep. I cast my vote for Dark Age Vikings and Saxons in 28mm.

    1. Thank you. More of a story chain than a batrep really.

  4. cool stuff... what players leaving! hunt them down and drag them back at once... only kidding nice scenarios though I would not just leave like that.

    Romans all the way!

    1. Thanks, the guy was only visiting and wanted to join, leaving meant no problem in fact.