Mar 9, 2013

Inter Arma and tanks

More of the endless play-tests, but this time with tanks. The secret 7th addidion to the rulebook will be the 'modern and armored' combat regulations. Including tanks. Surprisingly, I have some tanks so I decided to run a really quick test how they act in combat.

1x Pz38t, Light armor, Light gun
1x PzIV, Medium armor, Medium gun

1x BT-7, Light armor, Light gun
1x T-34, Medium armor, Heavy gun

The situation can be seen above: the German armor arrives from two different directions, the Skoda behind the house and goes for the stone wall in the middle of the field, and the PzIV has to cross the bridge before engaging.

The BT-7 tries to outflank the 38t but does not succeed. No successful hits on either side.

The T-34 however disables the PzIV, my feelings are this will end quickly? The German medium tank cannot move nor fire its gun.

The 38t switches in reverse, showing its front plate towards the BT...

...and its rear towards the T-34, one shot and the Skoda explodes. 

The rules work well so far, I occasionally forget to do the hitting rolls but a different colored dice would solve that well. 


  1. sounds like your rules will cover nearly everything then.

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