Feb 22, 2013

The walls still hold, part 2., in which they don't + 1,5 years of Random&Creative

So this is the solution for the scratchbuild: cardboard, the master of all materials. The shape itself isn't very symmetrical but let's suppose the environment required it to be this way.

The cardboard still bends a little but some weighting will solve that. Intended to be used for Risk gaming but without the barracks it would be useful as a minor fortress for 15mm. 

This is the entrance, the whole thing will be surrounded by water. The walls are basecoated black then drybrushed a few times and the inside was given some patches of static grass.

The Fricklander launch an attack on one of the bastions, their artillery ready.

The cannons fire, covering everything in smoke and dust. 

More lead lands around the walls and a part is finally breached...

The foot get themselves ready to storm the breach. 

Also, good news, everyone. R&C is 1,5 years old now. That is... more than 1,5 in blog (or dog) years. I will not hold a draw or a giveaway simply because I've yet to have so many figures and other stuff to give wholeheartedly. However, I think I'm going to sell my 1/72 tanks and switch to 15mm completely WW2-wise. As March is near and March means money.


  1. You've certainly made a great job on the fort, nice one!

  2. Loving that fort. I'm not ready to part with any of my figures yet either. I did sell one recently and that one, I will gladly part with. But not giving them away just to be nice=no way, no how.

    1. Thank you; if I had twice or three times as many figs as I do now, I'd gladly give a few. Still building a solid collection and painting quality yet to increase, of course I am hesitant.

  3. The fort is looking very nice. The barracks look at home on the turf.

  4. Good looking fort. Don't worry about it being perfectly symmetrical, it looks fine to me. All the best Clint

  5. great looking fort! and symmetry does not matter to much as the whole thing is very impressive! great job and I hope it proves useful in many games to come.

  6. Great work on this fort, congrats!