Jan 13, 2013

WIP - Zvezda 1/100 Panzer IVD

A quick one to let you know I'm still alive and fighting the unnamable horrors of studies. Picked up this tiny Panzer for a sort of relief between two exams and now all it lacks is a layer of the quickshade+finish combo to begin full service. The photos are generously provided by my roommate and his cell phone camera, I think they aren't that bad. 2 of 10 actually made it worth posting.


This is an early version of the Panzer IV so I went on with the bluish grey camo I found somewhere googling 'panzer IV d camouflage'. Black basecoat, dark grey then drybrushed with two lighter tones and a 'Dark Earth' brown on the tracks and lower sections of the hull. I will post more when it's done.

Other news: I couldn't find the Peasant Army so I bought some Janissaries and that immediately launched a chain of ideas,  maybe it's time for heavy conversion work and making some Hungarians to oppose them.

Here's a welcome to James Brewerton, proud owner of Exiles Wargames Painter. Hope you enjoy your time here.


  1. Looking good - is 1/100 around 15mm scale? And good luck with the studies, I know your pain!

  2. Nicely done, photos are pretty good.

  3. Nice tank. Well weathered for this scale.

    1. Thank you.
      While the spam filter let through that anon's comment on this post which really was spam, it removed yours. Too funny.