Jan 29, 2013

Painted Zvezda T-34 (+ more of the PzIV)

Finished the Zvezda Art of Tactic T-34 during the weekend and thought I'd include the Panzer IV too as the latest photos weren't the brightest. 

An easy way to paint it again, black undercoat, sea green with a bit of yellow added then two brighter green drybrushes and one drybrush with gunmetal around the edges, still not entirely content with the green. A clever 'Za Stalina!' lettering is added to the turret.

These models are easy to paint and assemble. Also cheap.

I really thought the T-34 was bigger than the Panzer, well I was wrong. With the 34/85 version's turret it definitely looks bigger.

Really glad with these, might buy the big PSC boxes for Germans and Russians (once there some more AFVs too) and look for a set of rules, but oh again too many projects and too less money/time.

The whole Zvezda collection together minus the horrific KV-1 (the one the Revell green paint ruined if you remember). Thinking of it, I may strip that one and repaint it. 


  1. Very nice looking tanks!

  2. nice work. great looking tanks. such a same modern warfare has got rid of the medium and heavy tanks as they were so cool.

    1. Thanks, well modern tanks are multi-purpose (think of the Merkava, it can carry a whole platoon of soldiers) so there is no need for distinction.

  3. Congratulation very great paint

  4. You are getting the art of making AFV models look well used and abused rust and crusty. Nice work, Sir!