Jan 25, 2013

Nolisium House of Nobles

The main army of Nolisium, just like any medieval sovereign's army, consists of numerous units, one being the House of Nobles. These are the better armed and trained soldiers and are used in such manner. 
When there are preparations of war, the Golden Prince calls his 'noblemen' (in fact, anyone wealthy enough can buy a title) to fight, but they can either send makeshift soldiers, if they are armored and trained on the noble's expanse. About half of the unit is made up of such trained men, the ones who find easier to go themselves do so.

The unit has a sergeant or commander. the main body armed with shields and polearms, and skirmishers or duelists, the bravest men who want to distinguish themselves in the battle.

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Most of the exams past, I returned home and finished some figures. These belong to the Italeri HYW boxes, both English and French foot knights originally. I did not use any color pattern, just avoided lighter colors and put some purple/white (the colors of Nolisium) on each. The main focus was getting the armor done well which I more than less managed to achieve.


  1. They look great. I am struggling with painting these guys these days. I admire you patience and skill.

  2. Super nice painting, Andrew. Lots of detail on these troops, and you did a masterful job drawing it out with your colors. I'm thinking that these minis are the best that I've seen painted by you yet! Well done!!

    1. Many thanks. Not the best but it is the improvement that matters.

  3. They look great Andrew, I like the background as well an interesting read.

  4. great work! they are some serious looking men.

  5. They look great! Nice work. Best, Dean