Jan 1, 2013

Finished - 15mm 30YW

So my first 15mm figs are based and complete. I chose the coin bases again because I could still put them on trays later and this is what fits my homegrown rules. It was finally sunny on the 27th after a joyful but dark Christmas time, and while working with artificial lights the photos of the figs were real bad, the sunshine helped me take some good ones.

Close-up on the musketeers.

On the pike.

The whole army from another angle.

Command above. I used a green general pattern, each fig has some green pieces of clothing (one musketeer a green hat), the standard is green/gold, but nothing uniform besides that. Grey, white and brown are the dominant colors for I found the last batch (the Volhynian foot and the Swedish horse) to be too colorful. The 'Greens' will be the somewhat poorer participants of the oncoming 15mm battles and that's why their command does not wear cuirasses.

So yes, painting in this scale is fun and not as challenging as I thought (perhaps it's just practice). These are nice figures and I've already been planning to extend the army. The problem is, down to one fig they still cost twice as much as a 1/72 plastic. So these are good for, see, a generic pike&shot army. 
Well, winning a lottery or getting a well-paid job would solve the situation and I'd gladly continue to build armies for my Imagi-Nations in 15mm.


  1. very nice work! they are small little guys eh?

  2. Nice work! Don't drop them in the carpet, they are next to impossible to find!

  3. nice work. Which manufacturer are they from?

  4. Excellent and based for skirmish gaming, ideal!


  5. Nice first figures of the year! Excellent painted!