Jan 6, 2013

Bit of 'rules lawyering'

Only because it suits my studies and it's time to take a little break!

Inter Arma is reaching a fine condition and seemingly works well. With the following, on which I'm going to work more on Tuesday after two more exams, I think I'll do a .doc or .pdf version too ~ Codex Inter Arma with all its 'patches' and additions. 
This also means I will remove the rules from pastebin so if you wish to, you can still view them as they are now from the links on the Rules page in the header.

Main book

Morale tests -
1. Single morale test for units in closed formation (besides the ones already in the book) - no option for rolling on each single fig:

  • When casualties are higher than 20%, both in actual turn or during the game overall
  • When under enemy volley/artillery fire for 2 turns without reaction
  • When nearby closed formation is attacked in the back

2. Strictly determining when morale tests are necessary (both for single units and closed formations):

  • Commander is killed in sight of unit
  • Unit nearby routs
  • Outnumbered and survives combat
  • Regulars and Conscripts/Militia: when a ranged attack misses the unit by 1-2 (hitting roll)


Higher level (5+) Magic users have a Disorient effect which they can use 1/2 times in a session. Disorient effect causes the targeted unit to roll direction dice and move one running distance in that direction.


This still needs to put to more testing.

Special combat

Looks all right at the moment. The 'buildings on fire' title needs to be more clear.


  • Link the 'closed formation' rule to the main book. 
  • Modify the 50%+1 rule to 50% (determining bonuses to closed formation initiatives).
  • Revise ranged weapons' distances (still requires more testing)


  1. Now lets not get too legalized on these rule. :) Rules designing is a very good exercise for the grey-matter [at least in my case]. Good job, Andrew.