Dec 28, 2012

What to sculpt next? + Switching to G+?

Christmas times passed, there is still one more battle report to be told and it looks like my New Year's Eve will be busy and presumably very hazy (hope I won't try to get run off by cars or convert an advertising column to Catholicism ~ in case you wonder, that actually happened). 

So the first question is, should I connect the blogger profile with Google+ or not? What are the advantages? I've seen some of my readers switch to that version and need some advice on the matter.

And here are some random ideas what to sculpt next:

  • Still thinking of upgrading some Mars 30YW Imperials,
  • or converting ACW/late 19th century figures to steampunk (speaking of which, I've completed the Airfix tank and will post photos next week)
  • Civilians - 19th century era to be mixed with my ongoing stuff
  • Space Troll British Rifles - space trolls in Napoleonic rifle outfits
  • Anti-Tank Dolphins (carried in small pools, in case dogs don't work)
  • Canadian Mounted Bear Police - because we know, all Canadians are half bears (but at least 30%)
  • Dorfainen Yellow Islands native tribes / World in Chaos archipelago headhunters - it's the same, hungry savages not to be disturbed unless armed with superior firepower.

It's planned that I play a game of both SDS and Inter Arma with my JCW Imagi-Nations troopers for fun and see how can I improve the DIY rulebooks. Some serious censorship has already been done to them but they're closer and closer to perfection. You will see in the next report that bad luck really decides battles (this time bad luck was on my side). For later gaming, I think I'll buy some Alban figs first (especially the Sharpe look-alikes) and then maybe some Victrix as I don't need a full box and they sell separate sprues.


  1. Why don't you crank out some civilians. Citizens are always welcome and needed on my game board.

  2. I keep thinking about switching to G+ but I can see no real advantages to it. I say apint the Dorfainen Yellow Islands native tribes / World in Chaos archipelago headhunters

    1. I think sooner or later we'll just find all Google-run accounts 'assimilated' like they did with youtube, but I won't force the change. Counting your vote too.