Dec 25, 2012

Painting diary XXVII... Sort of.

The last 'actual' Painting Diary post was on October 1st, so here's a new to keep track of the numbers.

First things first, from yesterday on I've almost finished these 15mm figs and they are really fun to paint, but tell me, dear readers, will they be as painful to take photos of as I expect them to be? However, I do see them being very practical, easier to store and still at a fair price, so I may as well extend these to a playable size army. The figs are, again, all Essex:
  • 1x8 Musketeers in Hats, with Apostles and Musket Rest, at the ready
  • 1x8 Heavy Pikemen in Helmets, pike 45 degrees
  • 1x3 Command: Mounted Officer, Standard Bearer & Trumpeter in Pot Helm
They will be shaded/varnished and based tomorrow.
Some misc but keeping it on topic with painting:

This is from the 'palette', a piece of plastic on which I mix my colors... It came off in one piece and this is the 'other side' of it. Surrealistic art, you say? The title would be, 'This Is What Your Painted Plastic Soldier Sees Under the Paint', or something shorter, perhaps.

I cut off a good deal of dried-on paint of my stirring rods (out of use brushes, they live happily after they cannot be painted with) and this is the result... Interesting.


  1. Looking good so far. Enjoy your holiday. Best, dean

  2. From miniature's painting table to Museum of Modern Art! Wishing you a wonderful rest-of-the-holiday, Sir.

  3. You're an artist Andrew! This is how great art creators start! :-D

    PS: the minis look good! ;-)


    1. Oh thank you, still way better than graffitis I suspect?