Nov 27, 2012

Witch hunt

The local lord heard rumors about a witch who dwelt in a hut in the woods. He gathered up a few men and went on to capture or kill her. 

A simple Inter Arma game to test my new sculpts and the magic elements of the rules.

Lord - Armored, Commander/Hero
Level 3 Melee - Striking, Level 3 Leadership

8 foot soldiers, 1 crossbowman


Witch - Unarmored, Commander/Hero
Level 5 Offensive Magic, Level 5 Golemist

The Witch's Pal - Unarmored, Elite
Level 5 Quiver Draw

As closing on the hut, the armored foot soldiers ran a lot and became tired too soon. 

They were sighted by the witch early and received both bolts of magic and arrows. The archer chose to use a slowing poison but it haven't had much use as the footmen lost fatigue tests occasionally.

When reaching melee range, the witch summoned her two golems. 

The golems put up a fight against two footmen but one was killed and the crossbowman was getting into range.

Rolling initiatives, the archer won and killed the crossbowman with the first shot.

Ooh, bad dice. What's it for?

The witch used her magic shield, ran into the lot and used the Nova spell, an area of effect damage, killing the lord and three footmen in one turn. I mean I threw those dice the same time and look at it! Some real bad luck (maybe not for the supressed peasants).

This is what the poor victims must have seen and felt.

The remaining four attackers passed a morale test, but they lost initiative. One spearman wounded the remaining golem.  

Losing initiative also meant they could catch up with their opponents. A halberdier, using the extra length of his weapon, wounded the Witch's Pal while the devilish woman killed the spearman who hurt her minion.

She also took a spearman out and there were now only two against one.

She used her short-range spells, then the magic shield + AoE combo again, but all missed. 

Two turns of  playing cat and mouse later the halberdiers failed their morale test and went home weeping. There is no record how badly the archer was wounded, but knowing how good he is with poisons, he might have managed to cure himself (and this is not a critic on modern medicine).


  1. The witch was a nightmare, good report!

  2. What a great fun scenario, well done Andrew.

  3. Glorious solo gaming on a table top! Great fun, Andrew! BTW: did you make the old dilapidated house? It definitely fits my notion of a witch's lair.

    1. Thank you; and yes, it is built of balsa wood and the roof is made of matches.