Nov 5, 2012

November wishlist

Where to start? This month is getting a bit busier. Got some more assignments and tests to do and I'm also sick as crap. If I want to make everything in order I should also focus more on studies so they would cause no trouble in Dec and Jan. On the hobby side of life:

1. Finish one of the JCW/JWI contingents (either yellows or the Fricklander as these lack the least)
Pros: a lot to paint, but generally cheap.
Cons: a lot to paint.

2. Buy more medievals for skirmish gaming.
Pros: a few sets could make a reasonable army.
Cons: those sets (talking about the Zvezda HYW French and the Caesar Adventurers) are expensive and/or only available from ebay or stores abroad.

3. Steampunk/ACW. Or a blend of both. Reading Miéville's Iron Council and then Keegan's The American Civil War had put this in my mind and now I can't get rid of it. Maybe, just maybe some local stores would have the Italeri ACW sets around. Should throw some steam tanks together.
Pros: fun!
Cons: don't know where to start.

4. (aka The Almost Completely Impossible) Continue on with the Landsknechts theme
What I can see to this is buying some figs from Pro Gloria Miniatures (which look real beautiful) but not any more than that!
Pros: more practice in 28mm.
Cons: Money!

These were the random brainstorming thingies. What must be done:
  • Replenish the acrylics with Revell/Vallejo ones. Revell acrylics are cheaper but don't know how well they mix and this is very important.
  • Buy more varnish. There are always varnish issues and haven't found the perfect solution yet. I'll stick to water-based regards basing, flocking etc. but I'll still need a matte one for the figs themselves.
  • Finally getting into sculpting. Thought of something relatively simple first then advancing on some more complex levels (earth golems for the fantasy skirmish game or Daleks, just for fun?)
What else:
  • WW2 aircraft from the Zvezda Art of Tactic range, these are cheap and neat little models.
  • More brushes, there's never enough. 
  • Some extra scenery would come handy too.
So, in mind, I've already spent twice as much as I should IRL. 

Here are the occasional welcomes to a bunch of a good folk who've joined my blog in the weekend: Chuck Cathcart or Colonel Scipio from Palladian Guard; Ni. Tchirititch from Nowhere to Lead Soldiers; and my pal Attila whom I've just told to sign up :)

Coming this week: some medieval archers and a huge batrep with loads of pictures.


  1. Typical wargamer issues

    so little time/money so many ideas

    Good luck with that one!


  2. Money and time are the killers, I have to sell something usually just to start another period!

    1. Thanks for the comment... No way I'm gonna sell a thing :D

  3. Andrew, I feel your pain! Some wonderful ideas here, but where to start? Love the idea of the ACW/Steampunk hybrid.

    1. Thank you. I see now it is common in the Blogosphere to have multiple projects/ideas in mind and not knowing which one to start; and on the steampunk topic, well it just launched an avalanche of ideas...

  4. You are ambitious my friend. I'm with Michael on the Steampunk/ACW hybrid and I think you should definitely try some sculpting.

    1. Thanks for the advice. More and more tempted to do that one.

  5. It's good to have plans! But I also undertsand the money issue!


    1. Thank you. I've already spent more than I wanted!