Oct 25, 2012

The battle of Leqte Manor

Finally figured how to represent bigger units on a smaller table. I halfed my standard battalions (from 12 to 6), this means they shoot one volley per turn (2 if they are seasoned and have the chance for secondary counter-fire). This way a 3-battalion regiment consists of 18 figs plus command, and a cavalry squadron is 5/6 figs as well. Bigger place for maneuvers and this way the units shall cooperate more.
The terrain and goals of the game were determined using the Strategy Game rules. I've added a few dice to the 'enemy' e.g. the Dorroseani to decide its battlefield role.

Rolled 1d6 for general directives - resulted in 4, 'Passive agressive, slowly pushing forward'
Then 1d4 on placing units in width and 1d10 in depth. Numbers above on the map represent width, depth is in centimetres.

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Units - width / depth; goals
2 Rgt. line of foot - 2,1 / 8, 6, 3, 3, 10, 2 (depth for each battalion)
2nd wave; Cross the river, march along the road and take the wooded hill.

1 Bat. Guard grenadiers - 4 / 2
2nd wave; Slowly push forward through the SE woods and fight any enemy.

2 Bat. Chasseurs - 1, 4 / 10, 4
1st wave;
Bat. 1. Attempt to cross the river on the north, take up positions in the woods and harass the enemy.
Bat. 2. Hold the SE woods until the grenadiers arrive.

2 Sqd. Dragoons - 4, 2 / 8, 8
2nd wave;
Sqd. 1. Secure the road leading towards the height and contact any enemy.
Sqd. 2 Ride up on the village, take shelter behind it and support the foot units.

1 field gun - 2 / 5
2nd wave; carry up on the north-western part of the hill and support allied troops.

1 Bat. militia - 3 / 4
3rd wave; march up to the gun and protect it if necessary. If the situation on the north is perilous, take action and support the troops there.

Engage and destroy the enemy (very simple directives). 

1 Red foot rgt. - 3,2 / 6
1st wave - 1 bat., - support the Besberg light infantry 
2nd wave - 2 bat. 

1 Yellow foot rgt. - 3 / 8
2nd wave

1 Sqd. Royal Bodyguard - 4 / 10
2nd wave - shelter in the wheat field south of starting positions; if the enemy marches on the flank, charge them with full force.

2 Bat. Besberg chasseurs - 2, 3 / 5, 5
1st wave - march straight forward seeking shelter and harass the enemy until main force arrives.

2 Sqd. yellow dragoons - 1, 4 / 10, 10
1st wave - try to outflank the main force and protect the allied troops from outflanking. Do not engage when overwhelmed.

1 field gun - 3 / 2
Carry the gun on the hill and shoot any opposing force.

1 Flag (bat.) Fists of Mackowskill 2 / 4
Support allied troops whereever they need it most.

Initial setup at the 1st wave, Dorrosean on the left, Jackewline to the right. A bit out of proportions as my gaming table isn't exactly the same size as the map above.

Chasseurs find a spot to cross the river and run for the grove on the other bank.

Fighting ensues with the Yellow dragoons.

The other battalion of chasseurs is charged in the back by the Jackewlinese.

Exchanging fires and the Dorroseani take losses at the grove.

2nd wave arrives. The Jackewline army positions are a bit better...

Those two regiments on the other side of the river need to make it real quick. 

The Dorin right tries to support the chasseurs in the woods but the enemy dragoons escape from their grip...

Dorin dragoons receive a volley from their own chasseurs.

The line regiments form column and start their march. But what are those guys doing at the front? They need to change formation and thus slow down the whole attack.

The Besberg chasseurs arrive and join the fray in the western grove.

This is quite an emergency situation for the Dorroseani but there isn't any help to come...

They flee but the river blocks their route.

The Royal Bodyguard cuirassiers engage with the remaining dragoons who attempt to make it to the hill; seems like hiding in the crops was a good idea after all. The Yellow infantry is marching on the road.

The movement through the bridge is slow despite the battalions in front making forced march turn after turn.

After a not so successful melee with the Dorin Guard Grenadiers (who formed a square just in time) the yellow cavalry makes it for the hill and attacks the battery up there.

Um, guys, what are you doing? (Always this question) The blue chasseurs arrive and see the enemy showing their backs to them. Their volley isn't very successful, they may be laughing so hard they miss...

Jackewlinese right, the dragoons give a chase and manage to capture an almost intact unit of enemy light infantry.

The crew manages to turn the cannon around and fire canister right into the cavalry's face...

The Jackewlinese heavy gun gets a chance for a shot and decimates the enemy dragoons engaged in a melee.  The red foot is staying around and waiting for the outcome of the battle on the flanks.

The remains of the dragoon squadron then run from the heavy cavalry and attack the third yellow battalion in the back, who turn on them with a lucky dice and with a volley they send the dragoons running.

The Dorroseani right is a mess, now the Royal Bodyguards join the fight.

The gun's crew is killed to the last man on the hill.

The Besberg chasseurs in trouble while another light cavalry charge follows on the reinforcements. The Dorroseani are risking their light cavalry too much.

The first two battalions make through the bridge and engage in combat immediately.

The yellow column suffers heavy losses but attacks back.

The light battalion receives three volleys.

Dragoons shoot pistols at the commander in the other bank of the river while the 2nd Besberg battalion exchanges fire with the Dorroseani foot. The dragoons are getting their part from the rain of lead but no harm is done.

The blue chasseurs run, leaving the left flank open but the Dorins do not have enough manpower to chase...

The yellow foot arrives just in time, one battalion already lost a third of its crew while fending off the dragoons.

The Jackewlinese dragoons though, after neutralizing the enemy cannon, attack the back of the foot column which just arrived through the bridge.

The second squadron crosses the ford the chasseurs came through and captures the enemy officer.

3rd wave, Dorroseani militia enters the table. They could have used a few more units though.

The 'tail' of the column is destroyed. More space for the dragoons to ramble. The Dorroseani high command is captured.

The second squadron crosses the bridge, the Dorins are in trouble big time.

The left flank becomes a pitched battle between the yellow regiment vs. the Guard Grenadiers and chasseurs.

Besbergers and line infantry exchange fire, no eventual losses because the sight is really terrible (woods+smoke).

The militia arrives in a forced march.

Things are going real bad at the bridge. The remaining intact battalions take up a firing line between the two buildings on the road and hope not to be slaughtered while the third one is captured by the Yellow cavalry.

The militia is charged by the Royal Guards and loses half of the battalion. The chasseurs meanwhile fire a very effective volley and kill many Jackewlinese.

After the militia is killed to the last man and the advance on the left cannot be completed, the Dorroseani start their retreat (that one above is a very cool shot, the light on the smoke markers is accidental). 

Didn't really finish the battle but the Dorroseani failed almost all their goals. While the royal heavy cavalry (favorite branch of arms for me) could not achieve anything, the light dragoons had their fun, destroying a gun, capturing four battalions and two officers (I myself was surprised when I counted this). The dice for the enemy wasn't perfect in terms of unit placing, however with a quicker march they could have swept through the Jackewlinese all along the road, take the hill where the enemy reserves and artillery had stayed and win the day. Bad commanders I gues. I try to be impartial when it comes to solo gaming, and it's really the dice's fault now that the Jackewlinese only lost 1 battalion while the Dorroseani 8 plus the cannon. The Dorins' one was a good tactic, it may be caused by the fresh paint that the yellow dragoons managed so well.


  1. This is the sort of thing that attracts me to wargaming as a hobby: seeing what other people do with the resources they have available; the imagination they put in; and the stories that emerge. A lively account of a brisk little action, and I do like what you make of your board and terrain - especially the buildings and the bridge. Your soldiery are very nicely presented, and all.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I tried to make it interesting - at least as interesting as it was to play through - so it would appeal to readers more; guess I succeeded then.