Oct 1, 2012

Painting diary XXVI.

Mostly worked on the Medieval Tournament... These are, again, really neat figs and I've had a slightly new approach on them with higher contrasts and two layers of shading explained at the Kinder Surprise Swiss drummer, but again: first I add black to the main color and undercoat, then the original color and a lighter tone mixed with yellow or white comes after.

The whole pack together, next thing is to finish and base them which must wait till next weekend.

Checkered parts on the horses and the knights, these took a lot of attention to do but the results speak for themselves.

Welcome to Scotty from Scotty's Wargaming!

The other two knights who don't want to look like a colourful chess table are still pretty handsome.

These two are from the Zvezda HYW English knights box (still got about ten mounted knights to paint), the one on the left is a standard bearer, the right is the King of Jackewline himself.

 The clothes on these are really neatly sculpted and a real fun to paint, again a lot of contrast but the usual finish of black paint and varnish is going to smoothen these.

The Lord and his Lady, couldn't really do the royal purple but they still look fancy.

A group shot of the knights, from a distance the colors are blended together very well.

The rest of the figs, some foot knights participating in the mélée and heralds.

Nice colors again.

And finally the place of rituals is being useful again, this one painted with the aid of the Gods of Paint, she's got a little more detail on her eyes.

Super macro, quite indecisive about the picture but as I used to say you won't look at it from 5mm.

Here she is from a distance along with the surroundings. 

The grandstand has got some basic colors splashed on.

A few more of Jackewline green Guard Grenadiers are started with a basecoat and the white parts.


  1. Nice work, Andrew. The checker-boarding is nice, and lots of pretty colors are being worn by the citizenry for the tournament festivities. For sure the Lady is exceptionally painted.

  2. Great work, I love the patterning on the barding

  3. Indeed a very nice work, especially the barding. I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  4. These look superb Andrew, the designs are just stunning.

  5. You did a very nice job .

    Captain Lol