Oct 3, 2012

...And another project

This one project, at the moment, being short-term, compared to the others. What I am working on:
  • JCW/JWI Imagi-Nation armies
  • 30YW Imagi-Europe
  • Medievals for Inter Arma and A World in Chaos
  • Strictly speaking: added to the medievals and no efficient work until now on the plastic fort
  • 28mm Landsknechts (still a plan)
  • Ordering & painting Risk armies
You can see that long-term for me means it's never going to be finished. Keeps me busy all the time and that's good. From my posts the good people who read them could have already guessed that I paint rather randomly (as is said in the blog title), so no wonder there are so many things running simultaneously.

The new project is a spin-off of the last one mentioned: Risk. Nobody in the household needs the figs provided for the set and replacements can be bought for cheap.

The roughly sketched background for the new project is already here: I'm building a tricorne Fricklander force with some conversions shown earlier. I will make a more detailed map later, people liked my last one.

Here's a complete unit listing for a Fricklander army in Pastebin. This tool is a tad simple but it is easy to store information.

One more question before going on (and check the poll in the sidebar): as during term I spend most of my weekdays in the student hostel where painting for obvious reasons is a no go, I'm thinking of starting a Cossacks Imagi-Nations campaign on a hex grid map, and on a new blog. The question is: do you have any interest in that? Share in the comments or answer the poll please.

Click on 'Read more' to see the color templates for the beginnings of the army and more infos.

Back on the topic then. I'll start painting the army contingents of Strates-Zygnyack (mostly populated by Crontaineviller, therefore the unit names are of French/Latin origins) and its mayor Cronte-Michel de Mollendorf, Zwetschkbad (home of the Military Academy) and von Zwetschger (a local family in rank of viscounts and long-time military commanders).
I've found templates searching google, if I'm correct these are from the Not By Appointment blog. Here are the color combinations for the first couple of units:

Regular line of foot - Black and brown shirts are issued but are not visible on the figs.

Regular artillery

Von Zwetschger Jäger

Von Zwetschger Hussaren - Still trying to figure out how to represent hussars. It may need some greenstuff after all. The army list indicates they should wear black breeches, but as the red-black combination is dominant on these and the Hussards de Mollendorf too, light grey ones are issued.

Zwetschkbad Jäger

Zwetschkbad Jägers zu Pferd

Zwetschkbad Küirassieren - all cuirassier units except the Garde du Corps wear front plates only.

Cuirassiers de Mollendorf

Hussards de Mollendorf

Chasseurs de Strates-Zygnyack

Dragounes de Strates-Zygnyack

Artillerie de Strates-Zygnyack

I could actually start this project in 1/72 later - all I need is massive head swaps from Zvezda GNW tricornes onto their SYW Prussians, and for the cavalry to the Nappie Saxon cuirassiers. It would also require a bunch of flags for which I'm willing to spend a few hours with MSPaint and PS.


  1. Seems to me that you are very busy on several long termed projects. I know what it is, because I'm in a similar situation. For me it is an advantage to work on several projects thus, the work varied and it is not to paint hundreds of figures in the same uniform and colors.

    1. Thank you, sums up quite right why do I do things this way.

  2. It does sound like your going to be VERY busy for a while. At least you will be able to flit between projects to keep the interest going :D

  3. Well, anyway, those are really nice projects! Hope you'll finalize some of them! Looking for more...

    1. Thanks! I'll finish them sometime... Winning the lottery would hasten up the process: I'd buy all the figs I need and let the painting services do their jobs.