Aug 16, 2012

Polish-style cardboard cavalry (hussar) helmet

So after some experiments a not-so-perfect Hussar helmet was made. Because of the separate parts it seems like I'll have to hand-paint it later: first some duct tape all over to cover the staplers and provide strenght, then an undercoat, metallic colors (there's a brand whose acrylic costs 2$ and contains more than its enamel counterpart), some weathering maybe and a coat of varnish, it must be tough enough when it's finished.

Front view with adjustable faceguard. There are some problems with the shape but it looks good overall.

Rear view, the tail is made of separate pieces.

The lobster-tail is stitched together like this.

Here's the whole collection: one Viking, one Saxon, a Roman legionaire and the most valuable one, a Hungarian helmet saved from the Border Guard's firing range by my dad (it's the same as the Soviet 'pot' helmet).


  1. The project is moving nicely right along.

  2. These are looking rather good. I only glanced at this posting earlier, and didn't fully appreciate the work that is going into these projects. It will be interesting to see them painted.