Aug 12, 2012

Painting diary XXIV.

Not much happened here lately, still no news on the job I applied for, it's damn killing me. Will play another session of my homegrown ruleset, this time the conflict will revel around the castle keep I built earlier and the knights will have to defend it against Norse raiders (and a slap to historical accuracy)!

Finished the movement trays for the Volyhnian pike and musket. I must build a third to include the command figs (with larger individual bases). The round-holes get messed up easily so there was a lot of filing and cutting until a coin could fit in every each.

First ten pikemen, a dip and basing and they'll be finished. Lovely figs but they're huge for 1/72, even compared to the Revell Swedes.

Here goes a welcome to Monty, thanks for following!

Second batch, ten again (one to be wounded on the command tray as he lost his arm). I ran out of the 'stripping agent' drain cleaner at the last time so that needs a replacement too if I want to repaint the musketeers.

Built this cardboard Roman helmet (no glue, just staplers... Maybe a can of silver airbrush will solve the problems with the look).

This has given me an idea of making a 'lobster helmet' of cardboard as steel ones are expensive as hell, I've recently found a way how to stitch (literally 'sew') the cardboard parts together while working on a target shield to go with my backsword... But I'll need to eat more pizza to provision myself with boxes!


  1. Cool helmet. Perhaps a layer of tin foil over the top. Nice work on the pikemen they are coming along great

    1. Thanks; the tin foil would probably result in a more crude surface but a good idea indeed.

  2. Great work, Andrew. And Hail to the Pizza!!!

    P.S Maybe this might do the trick of metallizing the helmet: glue on some thin card stock layered to the "under helmet" to smooth out the staple indentations, glue on some aluminum foil, and "iron out" the wrinkles.

    1. Thank you; I may try this one - I need to experiment before getting into a more complicated lobster helmet.