Aug 6, 2012

Out of the depths

A creature hungry for sunlight and flesh it could never find where it lived... Something from the core of the Earth... A mole-moth-squid. Or something similar.

Picked up this old piece of root and gave it life. 

Basecoated black then a white wash, highlights with grey and brown for a 'muddy' effect. The eye is red-black-yellow.

The base is made like it's just coming out of the ground!

Only one eye... It doesn't even need that down below.

Attacking a gunner... What are the chances to survive?


  1. Brillent! You could end up paying good money for a beastie like that; you should make a cast of it and go into production!

    1. Well thank you, it was just that sort of random idea which strikes you when you walk by something.

  2. Sweet! nicely done and what a find!

  3. Great find: I bet it reached out and tripped you! Excellent imagination, paint, and base. There is probably a sculptor out their in Blog Land gearing-up to putty-up this Thing from the Nether World right now.