Aug 22, 2012

30YW ImagiNations Volhynian mercenaries

Two of the three Volhynian infantry trays are finished with 14-14 stands on each. I finished the remaining 15 figs in about two days (5-6 hours of work lest the time spent while waiting for the paint to dry). Also note the new background - painted by myself.

Pike tray: 8 figs in the middle are from the first batch and they're painted less carefully, but it seems like they fit together well with the ones painted second.

Command - the tray is wider to provide space for the larger coins the commander, the standard bearer, drummer & wounded pikeman are based on.

Tray from above. This is how I did it: cut off the round-holes first, cut out the upper&lower parts of the tray and glued them (something heavy on top to avoid bending, there were still some problems); covered everything but the holes with some acrylic paint, fine sand on it until it's still wet, painted dark brown, drybrushed in patches of lighter brown and static grass fixed on. I painted the holes black inside. 

Side view with the mass of pike. The bases don't always fit - something to take more care of next time.

Super macro. There are some blondes and gingers here and there.

Command tray with a variety of soldiers.

The wounded soldier lacked an arm so I painted a lot of blood on the base and on the grass... Maybe a cannonball hit him.

Super macro of the left side. This guy's missing his pike but I read they left it over occasionally because it was too heavy to carry?

Right side. Not sure how much is one able to spot the difference here: there's a less detailed painting on the pikeman in the middle and the one in the second rank. This is, again, a great set - it has the advantage of proper length of pikes compared to the Revell boxes (which are still perfect by the way and will order some as soon as I can) - on the other hand the figures are too big (see them compared to others here). The best option would be to have this set, the Revell ones and the A Call to Arms boxes put together on mixed trays like this Hungarian gentleman did in his Bavarian army.


  1. Those figs are really impressive, a great work!

  2. Great work and a nice idea to have the commanders on larger coins; really helps to make them easier to spot.

    1. Thank you; truth is, I based them first and thought of putting them on trays later - more like a coincidence than a real idea.

  3. very nice work and display of the troops. Thanks.