Jul 11, 2012

WIP - Revell Königstiger w/ Porsche-turm; and a question

This is one of the first models I've ever made (the very first being a Sherman and a StuG III), stripped and started repainting. Still haven't decided what sort of camo (plausible AND fancy looking) should I use.

And a fig to the turret, it's from a German armor set, just found out it's the Airfix Sd.Kfz. 234/4.

And about the question: this is more like a little survey of sorts (the sidebars are already packed so I don't bother making a poll) and I try to rely on my readers' experience a bit: how successful would it be if I started selling painted stuff on ebay? The problem is I can't take jobs during term and need some extra income, it's also fun to paint and relieve stress (except when something breaks or paint gets messed because then it's just a constant swearing) but not sure of the supply/demand all around, I'd gladly take some advice. Thought about selling painted (in the 'detailed' way) 1/72s and 1/100 vehicles on a fair price; these are widely available around here and don't cost much, selling a batch of 10-12 figs/ 3-4 vehicles for a few bucks would eventually mean a little income while I enjoy what I'm doing.

Still looking for a job, seems like one of my applications had been turned down but will keep searching.

Meanwhile I've totally forgotten to say the 200th post just passed, and the first anniversary is closing up on me, not sure how to celebrate yet.


  1. There are a lot of people out there that manage to make a tidy income on ebay, perhaps you should just pop some work up for sale and see what happens. You could advertise the fact that it is there but consider joining a forum that would also extend your possible market. Looking forward to the first anniversary celebrations too!

    1. Thanks for the answer, I may join some forums sometimes.

  2. Looking forward to the outcome of this model. Nice addition with that figure.
    I can't give you advice on your question, because I'm just a simple painter ;-)


    1. Thanks anyway, hope I won't get anyone (neither myself) disappointed.

  3. Very nice start, Sir. I recommend that you follow your modeler's motto: "creating creative stuff creatively" and see if the buyer's market is interested in your finished work.