Jul 16, 2012

Map making + progress report

Working on this map, a detailed one of the Colonies of Jackewline on The Cape and Teverattia for a naval / swashbuckling / treasure hunting sort of game. The only tools I've got is PS and Paint; doubled the size of the original image and have been working on smaller details but that's all for now. Are there any good softwares which would be useful, I wonder?

The particular piece on the world map. I've tried a hex grid map tool but it always crashed so back to the traditional ways. They were good till this time.

WIPs on the weekend:

  • The 19 foot knights, dipped, based and ready to some fight but this naval thing sort of intervened (watched a documentary and an episode of Hornblower so back in business again, produced two frigates and a dozen of smaller ships from lego in one afternoon)
  • 2 metal figs, one 28mm (based on measurement) and one bigger (30mm or just a bit tall?), they were bought on random fares (for an insane price that time, now I don't regret it) and wanted to try how would I go on with them, the results are pretty neat, pictures will follow.
  • 9 toy ships from cardboard&scratch (steamers in an easy fashion, still worth a post).

  • Finished the fig for the King Tiger (I had to cut the poor guy's legs so he would fit in to the turret), still no work on the camo but I'll think it will have a winter whitewash, only thing is my white acrylic isn't really fit for the task, better buy an enamel one.

  • 2 mounted knights remaining from the command sprue of the Zvezda box
  • 15 of the Italeri French (1798-1805) to provide some Marines for the colonial action, hope to finish them in one or two days.
Continuing with job applications as the week kicks off, not giving up that easily!


  1. You are a busy man. The maps should work well IMO. I am wondering if the map is for a board type game, and/or for a reference for a tabletop wargame?

    1. I try not to let my laziness take over; and the map is 'just' a reference, although I'm trying to make an old-style, detailed one this time.

  2. looking great and with regards to map making I was asking he same question in the Sherlock Holmes post last week. There are one or two good suggestions in the comments section, but I've not tried them all yet.

  3. I love the map, it gives life to everything else....