Jun 3, 2012

Painting diary XXI.

A funny coincidence this, 21st diary post and I've just turned 21 today.

On the WIP front... Not much. Did the straps and belts on the Highlanders.

And this is a giveaway piece again, I'm gonna paint the rest of this set (Zvezda HYW English knights) in singles or pairs between major batches. The coat&shield will be blue and white, hope I'll manage the white as good as the last time.

Thinking of doing some 30YW/17th century stuff later.


  1. Very many happy returns, hope you had a great day. Quite a variety of miniatures you have in your painting queue!

  2. Happy Birthday Andrew, I'm looking forward to seeing those Highlanders painted!

    1. Thanks, will do, will do but studying is first!