Jun 28, 2012

5000 hits, horses and some Blogger problems

The blog has just reached five thousand hits, now this is just great and hope I'll be able to keep up the pace! Also thanks to Rosbif for following.

Since failing my exam (but with honor!) I came home and started painting a little batch of 44 horses (26 from the Revell 30YW Swedes and 18 from Italeri Scot Greys), a tough job but has to be done! Also busy writing stuff to competitions around, not hoping to win any cash but teach those brats how to write things properly (sorry, that was a bit harsh).

And to add some content (diary post is coming soon but first I'll work a bit on the grenadiers too), here are some troubles which happen here and there while posting/messing around with Blogger's interface:
-Following: The 'Follow this blog' option on the header disappeared for a while now, the solution is to go to the followers list and click on 'Join with Google FriendConnect' instead if you have a public profile. G+ links all these stuff together anyways.
-Adding pics -> funny effects in the text: it already occurred to me that if sometimes I upload a picture it modifies the text around it, adds a specific color or background and makes it non-visible. The solution is to check the 'Preview' option on the post editing UI before publishing. If one block of text is being modified, go back to the editing interface, open the HTML-view and search for the problematic part with Ctrl+F (or you could check it manually but it takes a lot longer especially when writing much) and remove the precious bit of code from the start of the block.
-Error 503s: it's the host that messes things up and usually a few refreshes help. If that doesn't work, panic.


  1. Congratulations Andrew, an excellent achievement. I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.

    1. Thank you, there's always something more to finish and a LOT more to buy!

  2. Olaa Andrew we are waiting your job..