May 9, 2012

Cossacks: Back to War screenshots (again)

A tiny screenshot selection as a filler until I return home and can post more of what I'm painting.

Here, Polish winged hussars striking on Cossacks. Speaking of which, I want to do some winged hussars in larger scale than 1/72 (preferably 28mm as 54s are too big!) but can't decide which ones to order, so many choices!

This ship has 1500+ kills (and gathered a few more later), as I said earlier the AI can be flippin' stupid at times.

Polish pikemen crossing a 'homemade' bridge.

Poles vs. Cossacks again

This is a Fricklander in Malacha scenario, tribesmen marching in the jungle (originally they're Turks).

Grenadiers vs. musketeers

A landing site gets butchered by light cavalry, and that's all for today.

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