May 21, 2012

Bring me my broadsword - part 2

Previous post and 'manual' for the earlier version here.

After the hilt of my wooden sword has been worn off (it's paper and duct tape after all, one wouldn't expect it to last forever), I tried to experiment with something new and attached a basket hilt to the blade. I've been lately searching for Scottish swords as an interest and the broadswords/backswords amaze me (trying to find one made of metal and a reasonable price now).

The length is about one meter with a 80cm blade. The hilt is cardboard fixed with glue and staplers. Technically it's a backsword (only one edge).

Hilt, I tried to keep it comfy and modestly looking. Planning to do a revamp on the 'blade' itself with a layer of paint and varnish too, the hilt will be painted brass then.

There's a lots of space inside for my hands (they're too big!). Also, the balance of the sword is much better with the heavier hilt now.


  1. It's bloody good work, I too suffer from fecking big hands syndrome!

    1. Funny thing is, I never had trouble with them while dealing with miniatures.

  2. A spot of 1:1 scale work then! Great looking sword!