Mar 21, 2012

Some fillers again

I'm working on the JCW/JWI rules again, planning to translate it to English and offer it for review/critics of the greater public, huh. Busy studying again, but will be free after tomorrow afternoon.

Features to be added to the rules:
  • Reworking the charts and structure of the text
  • Smoke markers to reduce LOS
  • Secondary counter-fire (high-classified units when being attacked by more than one enemy units)
  • Forced march markers
  • Units being dismissed if falling below 50% of original crew
  • Fatigue demoted to optional level
  • Charge/countercharge/breakthrough mechanism
  • Losing formation when allied unit crosses line
Bought two boxes of 1/72s, Zvezda's SYW Prussian grenadiers (aka 'the huge guys') and GNW Russian artillery (I really like the commander with his wig), and a set of tools (clip/knife/rasp, packed in one and produced by Italeri) along with some paints which had been required (silver and matte white), too much money to be spent!

And here's a picture to go, of my Cossacks Bavarians (wat). Four minutes after the making of this screenshot, the enemy has been wiped out thanks to my tactical genius and a ship of the line covering the left flank. These AIs, they never learn.

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